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Why Work With A Team?

Taylor Hack

Three years, from start of Taylor Hack’s real estate career to the Top5% of the Greater Edmonton Area marketplace and Top 2% of all RE/MAX Agents wo...

Three years, from start of Taylor Hack’s real estate career to the Top5% of the Greater Edmonton Area marketplace and Top 2% of all RE/MAX Agents wo...

Aug 15 3 minutes read

Want Our Teamwork To Make Your Dream Work?

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Why Work With a Team?

Real estate is a bigger job than it used to be. Years ago, a REALTOR® was simply a friendly person you could call to represent the sale of your home, maybe something your Aunt Doris did in her free time.

Nowadays, the lone REALTOR® has to be a jack of all trades— and a master at each. Seriously, check out this blog post about the 11 things your REALTOR® should be doing to successfully sell your home. 

Any of the following could happen, and ideally should happen on your listing in a given day:

  1. Arranging a showing from a REALTOR® with a prospective buyer
  2. Feedback from yesterday's showing from another REALTOR®
  3. Answering a phone call from an interested party that stopped because they saw the solar lit sign
  4. Arranging a showing with that interested party
  5. Dropping off Feature Sheets
  6. A New Facebook Marketing Campaign
  7. A Youtube Promotion of the Video Tour
  8. Negotiating an Offer
  9. Fielding questions on Instagram
  10. Updating you on the new listing up the street
  11. Receiving a referral from our national network that might be a great fit for this home

The list goes on...  and that's for each listing! 

So instead of thinking of one generalist struggling to keep up with it all, think of how easy it would be for a Group of Specialists!

Real estate has become a round-the-clock contest that requires multi-media marketing, innovative strategies & a 7 minute response time.

Doesn't your home deserve that kind of attention?

"Every person on the team has a specialty that helped outperform every role our traditional realtor had to serve themself" - Graham Blasko

A Team of Specialists over a Single Generalist

See What Others Said About the HACK&Co Team

At HACK&Co, we've progressed. Instead of individual generalists, we've curated a team of specialists in which every member plays to their strengths. 

Our Selling Specialist has the time to focus on bringing in offers and keeping his clients updated, while our Buying Specialists can focus on getting their clients into houses to view and write offers. While this is going on, our detail-oriented Administrative Assistant is busy filling out all the necessary paperwork and taking care of other imperative behind-the-scenes tasks, and our Marketing Assistants are busy making content and shooting high quality pictures and videos of your home.

By helping families buy and sell hundreds of homes, we've learned that teamwork really does make the dream work. If you want to know more about this, watch our 500 Homes video below:

"The team is only as strong as the weakest link, and there's really no weak links. It's a pretty bulletproof chain they got going on." -Andrew Latchuk

Would you like a team of specialists to sell your home?

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