January 2020 | Edmonton Market Stats Update
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We love what we do.

Our Team specializes in local home buying and selling. We effectively coordinate the purchase and sale of real estate, properties, residential homes, town-homes, condos, new construction, and land, based on our clients’ needs.


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What's a Buyer Consultation?

It's the way we've been helping people win since 2013.

Introduce You to the Pro-Tools:

  • The MLS is much different from an expert's point of view. The system available to the public only covers the present tense and what is active right now; however we can see what has happened throughout MLS history. We also have a more advanced search function including mapping, and our system is faster than the public system.  Once we fine tune your criteria, the system will work at finding homes you like while you're working and sleeping.

Develop our Blueprint for Success:

  • We are going to ask detailed questions based on having been in more homes in a season than most people walk through in their entire lives.
  • By sharpening ourselves to your interest, we'll be able to spot opportunities for you and let you know how often the homes you like appear in the location you want to live at the price you want to pay.  Without this part of the plan, you could be looking for something that either never comes to the market, or you could buy something that's almost what you want, without knowing that it comes to the market often enough so you could have just waited.

Overview the Process:

  • A quick tour from Consultation to Key Release answering questions such as:

    • How many people are involved? (lender, lawyer, appraiser, inspector, etc.)

    • How much money do I actually need and when do I need it?

    • What should I expect as we proceed?

    • How do we know if a home is a good deal?

Allow you to interview us:

  • This meeting will also determine if we are going to be a good fit together. Going forward, the key is spending some time getting to know how we communicate with each other so we can make sure you have the best possible real estate experience.

Next Steps:

Often we're scheduling a time to see a collection of homes right at the consultation. Most people are really excited once we remove the clutter of all the homes they aren't interested in from their field of view and they can just focus on the homes that are most likely to be "the one". 

Here's What Our Past Clients Think about Working with HACK&Co

He Went Above and Beyond

Taylor Hack made every effort to make sure he went above and beyond for my purchase transaction and every detail was very appreciated by me.

Understood when I needed extra reassurance

Taylor was very knowledgable of the property market in the area and led me well through the process and understood when I needed extra reassurance. 

It is a buyers market and we were able to sell in no time

We had a great experience with Taylor and his team. It is a buyers market and we were able to sell in no time. We had some issues come up with the purchase of the new home and Taylor was able to walk us through rectifying these to our satisfaction.


Schedule 1-2 hours

Our past clients say that, in advance, they were expecting a boring overview but after the meeting they thought it went by in a snap. They especially liked the time they spent online, looking at homes through our system as we showed them information and gave them insight that isn't available on the public websites. This meeting can be done in an hour, so let us know if that's your plan and we'll stick to that timeline.

(Note: That can be a long time for young children. If this is going to be a factor in your appointment please let us know, we might have a solution that can help.)

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